Today : 21 July 2024
Explosion-proof engines
Explosion-proof engines


low-pressure explosion-proof electromotors in the power range of 5.5 to 450 kW are designed and manufactured in three types of protection eb, db, ec, and high-pressure ones are designed and produced in powers higher than 160 kW to 11 MW with the voltage level of 11~3 KV and frequency of HZ50 according to IEC60034 and IEC60079-1:2014  standards in frame sizes from 355 to 1000mm obtaining ATEX2014/34/EU certificate.


The EX-series electric motors are squirrel cage, asynchronous, three-phase with a frequency of 50 Hz, the degree of protection is IP55/IP56/IP65/IP66 and the cooling method is IC411/IC611. The type of installation is not limited and can be changed according to the customer's order. The voltage level is 380 volts, the working condition is S1, the insulation class is F, and the thermal class is B. Different sensors can be installed on the electric motor according to the customer's order and request.